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International Standards to be Put in Place for Drones Operations

The International Organization for Standardization has produced a draft of set standards for drone operations and operators in its 162 member countries. This draft will be open for public consultation, until January 21, 2019, and is widely expected to be implemented in that same year.

What’s Included?

Many of the implementations are to increase manned aircraft and public safety, as well as common sense.

The first set includes:

  • Geo-fencing to enforce no-fly zones around airports and other sensitive/restrictive locations.
  • Requiring training and maintenance standards.
  • More Intensive flight logging.
  • Overall etiquette for operating a drone in regards to the public’s privacy.

This is just the first set out of four, the next three will include technical specifications, manufacturing quality, and air traffic management.

Majority of drone pilots are already doing this, but it is great to have a set of standards to hold everybody responsible.

In fact, one of the convenors of the ISO responsible for implementing the globalized drone standards, Robert Garbett stated:

Everybody across the industry believes that drones can be a safe and great benefit to mankind. Operators and service providers alike are  keen to establish a baseline. An industry that is moving so fast needs to be standards-led, not regulations-led.


I am all for standards and even regulations as long as it is objectively in the best interest of the general public’s safety and welfare. This standard will help all of the drone pilots who play by the book, by giving regulators and law enforcement the outline needed to prosecute rogue drone operators.

When the later draft sets come out, it will also provide both individual drone pilots as well as companies a guideline to properly maintain their drone and other technical specifications

At the end of the day in order for the drone industry to continue to prosper, it will ultimately be left to the responsibility of each and every pilot.

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