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5 Benefits of Flying a Drone

Being a drone pilot has numerous and extensive benefits that many either take for granted or are simply unaware of the potential joy and satisfaction that flying a drone can offer. However, I am here to remind both seasoned pilots and newcomers the privileges of being a drone pilot.

5. The Drone Community


The international drone community is one of the best groups I have ever been a part of. By getting involved in drones you are joining a massive network of like-minded and incredibly passionate individuals. You will meet lifelong friends, business partners, and maybe even a significant other.

4.  Drones Get You Outside


For many Americans, our daily routine consists of being inside an office or a place of service from 9-5. When we get off, either we go home and sleep, go to happy hour, or hit the gym; all being inside activities. According to the Environment Protection Agency, the average American spends a whopping 93% of their time indoors! However, flying drones grants us the benefits of being outside for extended periods of time giving us some fresh air and necessary sun exposure.

3. A New Perspective on the World


As a drone pilot, you are potentially seeing the world in a way that nobody else has ever seen before. Most aircraft are too large to provide intimate aerial shots,  elevated buildings and mountains are limited as well. However, drones shots and views offer the most aerial utility and options.

2. The Ability to Make an Impact


Whether it’s finding a missing person, delivering medicine to Earth’s most remote places or inspecting your local infrastructure, drones are rapidly providing to be unique assets all across the world for what seems to be nearly infinite applications.

1. Flying a Drone is a Liberating and Freeing Feeling


The best part about flying a drone is the freedom that one gets while flying. I compare flying a drone to being an avatar of a bird. Whether it is a $100 drone or a $10,000 drone, there is just something so freeing and relaxing. In fact, I often fly my drone when I need to relax, a therapy in its own right.

Bonus: A New Career Path


While the initial focus of flying a drone should be the passion behind it, the fact that this exhilarating hobby can also make for a lucrative in-demand career is a massive plus. In fact, experts are projecting more than 100,000 drone jobs to open by 2025. Drones are popping up across a wide range of industries including real estate, film, and media, construction, agriculture, etc. Soon they will be used for delivery for major companies such as Amazon and Dominos. So while the market may feel crowded for drone operators, just hang in there, and keep flying and one day and your opportunity to fly professionally will come.


The individuals who fly drones for hobby or commercial purposes are just as diverse as the applications and functions offered by drones. With so many benefits and opportunities (a drone can be purchased for as low as $30), so why wait until Christmas to get in the air?

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