The Story of Captain Moore

As we will find out as this blog grows, there are countless reasons as to why an individual becomes a drone pilot. Some pilots have backgrounds in photography, some have always been intrigued by the ability to fly but did not like the idea of being in a cockpit, and yet some simply look for something new. For me, it was all the above and then some.

After doing the typical college route and being in a failed quasi-marriage, the only thing I had to show for it was working a dead end service job with nothing on the horizon. One day, after working another mundane question answering riddled shift, I looked at myself and said: “I need a skill suitable for the 21st century”. After doing some research and making a call to a buddy in Los Angeles, I decided that drones would be my vehicle towards a new career path.

So I studied and trained every day to become a drone pilot. I bought an $80 drone and every morning I flew it at my local park, afterward, I would go to the library to study for my commercial drone test (part 107) and to refresh my memory on photography and cinematography. I passed the test on my first try and bought a professional drone. A month later, my adopted city of New Orleans was hit with a flash flood. While my house was surrounded by four to five feet of water I decided to fly my drone to take some pictures. The next day I tried shopping my pictures to local news outlets. Eventually, I received a call from The New Orleans Advocate saying they wanted pictures, we reached an agreement and I sent them my pictures. The next day I go to a convenient store and I see my picture had landed on the front page, and thus Captain Moore was born.


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